Future real estate prices in Mysore

Greetings to my readers,after the lockdown due to COVID – 19. In this article, I wish to give foresight into the real estate prices in Mysore in a post COVID situation. As of September 2020, the outbreak of corona diseases has spread to 6 continents. 9,28,000 people have died after contracting the respiratory virus. Approximately […]

Transfer of property

“TRANSFER OF PROPERTY ACT, 1882”. This above act came into force on 01.07.1882. The above act applies for both immovable and movable property. It also applies to tangible and intangible properties. The above act outlines the legal procedure for transferring property from one person to another. Transferring of property needs to take place between living […]

An insight into the market prices of sites in premium localities of Mysore

It is generally believed that land acquisition acts gave birth to Real Estate Valuation Profession. Till date we do not have any data bank for valuation of market prices for sites at various good localities of Mysore. My intention in writing this article is to make one aware of the ruling prices of sites in […]

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